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What to Pack

• Neoprene Surf Trunks•

These serve to protect your inner thighs from rubbing against the surfboard. We highly reccommend this item for your comfort. Inner-thigh rashes should be avoided.

Some participants will need to purchase this item from an on-line store as they might not live near a surf retailer. Follow these links to see good examples or to make a purchase:

Men's neoprene trunk

Women's neoprene trunk

• Surf trunks and surf bathing suits
(bring a suit that won’t come off if you fall off of your board).
• Hat, sunglasses, and water resistant sun block
• Camera
• Clothing for warm weather (shorts, t-shirts, etc.)
• A good book or two
• Your favorite high-energy snack foods
(trail mix, energy bars, etc.).
• Your smiling face
• Passport, credit card, ATM card, traveler’s checks, & cash. The best place to get Mexican Pesos is at the ATM in the airport.

Bank of America account holders can use Santander Serfin Bank ATM's (hey the surfing bank!) without extra fees.

Travel Insurance
ISA Mexico asks that all participants to purchase traveler’s insurance to cover any type of emergency that might occur during their trip. You can purchase coverage over the Internet at but shop around for the best deal for your situation.

Physical Preparation
Surfing is a difficult sport that challenges its participants physically and mentally. While surfing one will test equilibrium, upper body and core strength, and muscle endurance.

Following is a brief list of activities you can do at home that will increase your surfing ability before your arrival.

• Push-ups (upper body strength)
• Sit-ups (balance and strength)
• Yoga (balance, strength, and flexibility)
• Pilates (core strength)
• Stretching (flexibility)
• All board sports such as skateboarding,

snowboarding, etc. (balance)
• Swimming (endurance, confidence in the water)


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